Mobile Devices

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition Migration and Category
  • Speaker-Dependent Voice Recognition 
  • Speaker-Independent Command-based Voice Recognition
  • Very Large Vocabulary Voice Recognition
  • Continuous Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing (Understanding) 

Technical Specifications

Solution Strength
Leading voice technology and solution provider
Complete own voice recognition and Tex-to-Speech technology
Rich experience on platform porting and product development
Widely proven record
Own 32 languages instruction voice recognition know-how
Multi-Language version supported
Application Industry
  • Automotive 
  • Mobile Phone
  • Wearable
  • Smart Home
  • App
 SDK Available
  • CReader–Text-To-Speech SDK
  • CListener(VStar) –Command-based VR SDK
  • CSpotter–Keyword spotting SDK (always listening)
  • CDictator–Speech-To-Text SDK
  • CNaviPro –POI/Address speech input SDK