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IoT Application Engineer

The responsibility of this job is to implement a highly scalable distributed software platform for IoT used for device management, service creation, and application deployment that span edge and cloud container environments.
  1. Minimum 5 years direct technical experience with Java as a programming language  and other Java based languages, (ex: Scala).
  2. Experience with SOA solutions and Developer Operations.
  3. Scripting experience with Python, Ruby, or JavaScript.
  4. Experience in Agile development using TDD and pragmatic agile manifesto implementation.
  5. Experience in building out highly scalable solutions, including multi-tenancy, distributed compute solutions, and vertically partionable in-memory solutions.
  6. Knoledge in contemporary software development lifecycle tools and methodologies (ex: ZDT , TDD, CI/CD deployment practices).
  7. Working experience with GIT and the Github community.
  8. Knowledge around buffering, stream processing, complex event processing, and storage solutions (ex: Casandra, Mongo RabbitMQ, Kafka).
  9. Experience leveraging contemporary deployment technologies like Puppet, Docker, etc.
  10.  Development of cloud-based solutions using platform such as Heroku or Openshift.
  11. Understanding on how to develop within a continuous integration environment leveraging tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson.
India – 2 people (Job code: INIOT20151101)