ABOUT SmartDesign

a professional software outsourcing company

What We Do

SmartDesign is a professional software outsourcing company and is focusing on the connected world technology and products including mobile device, communications and networking equipment, semi-conductor, telematics and automotive. By strictly following CMMI and ISO international standards, SmartDesign provides full spectrum service from design, development, testing, maintenance, and integration to our business partners and customers around the world.

Our engineering expertise covers wide range from embedded software to application; from handsets, tablet, set-top-box, to system; from operating system to Internet; Software Platforms: Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, RTOS, and HTML; Hardware Platforms are focusing on ARM core chipset such as Qualcomm, Freescale, Braodcom, MTK….etc. (All companies are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.)

SmartDesign partners with reputed communication solution companies from USA, India, China and Taiwan to promote their solutions to our clients with local support.

Our engineering center is located at Bangalore of India and we have sales offices at California of USA; Taipei of Taiwan; Shenzhen of China and Tokyo of Japan. If you are interested in knowing more about SmartDesign, please feel free to contact with us at info@smartdesigntech.com

Outsourcing Service

Consultancy, Software and Application Development, Testing and Pre-certificate, Drivers Development, Hardware Design and Product Prototyping, Base Porting, Integration, and Maintenance Support.


Mobile Devices (Android/iOS), Multimedia Codec and Applications, Connected Car and Automotive Applications, STB, WiFi/BT, and IoT; Routing/Switching, L2/L3, Ethernet, Networking Applications, Network Management , Network Equipment Testing and Automation, Cloud Computing, and etc.

Product Licenses

Embedded Devices: Multimedia Codec, Streaming Player, Camera application, DLNA/uPnP, Miracast, Mirror Link, IME for Indian and South Asian languages and fonts.
Networking: L2/L3 Protocol Stacks, Switching/Routing, MPLS, Datacenter, and etc.

Vision and

We want to enable and ensure all start-ups, small and mid-size technology based product organization achieve their goals with our technology engineering services and products IPs



Superior in mobile, communication, networking and telematic segment.


Well and rich experience on engagement with lots of well-known companies.


Fully security control for all developing information for all customers.


Shorten customer’s development and help customer fast time to market.


Quality of Delivery

We always makes delivery of best quality in every steps of the software engineering cycle from design and development to the testing and etc.

Meet Project Time line

We do understand the importance of the project time line to all customers. We always commit to meet all customer's timelines as our first priority.

Commitment to Customers

"Customer First" is our motto. We promise to meet all commitments to our customers and partners.

Win-Win philosophy

We are always doing the best in all aspects to have all parties in the same project to win – Customers, SmartDesign and Employees.

Team Work

We believe that we can make customer satisfied and happy only if we work closely together as one team and help each other in the process of any phases of projects.